God as a Creative Mystery – Emergence

The following interview explores the nature of man’s notion of GoD after science with theologian Gordon Kaufman. Kaufman believes there is a infinite creativity in the universe that defines all things material and immaterial as they arise and fall. This emergent quality , this creativity is God – not an anthropomorphic God – but a post-modern one, still transcendent beyond all human understanding and ultimately mysterious.

I did the interview together with Richard Kroehling and Bernhard Angerer in the context of our movie project “conversations at the beginning of a new time”.

It was one of the most touching interviews I have ever done … it becomes very personal at the very end! Gordon Kaufman has some unusual things to say …

According Wikipedia Dr. Gordon D. Kaufman is the Mallinckrodt Professor of Divinity (Emeritus) at Harvard University where he has taught since 1963. He has lectured widely, and taught at universities across the United States (Pomona College and Vanderbilt), and also in India, Japan, South Africa, England, and Hong Kong. Kaufman has been an ordained minister in the Mennonite Church for 50 years, and has been the subject of two Festschriften. He is a past president of the American Academy of Religion(1982)[1] and of the American Theological Society, as well as a member of the Society for Buddhist-Christian Studies. Kaufman is the author of over 12 books which have had a dramatic impact on how many in the mainline have considered the question of God language and religious naturalism. Among these are An Essay on Theological Method, God The Problem, Theology for a Nuclear Age, and In the Face of Mystery. This work earned him the 1995 American Academy of Religion Award for excellence among constructive books in religion.

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  1. The ancients believed that the face of God could be viewed in the heavens. They alleged that the location of God was in the stars that rotated around the northern ‘pole’ position.
    On close examination, we find that all the aspects of God are to be found in and around the constellation of Ursa Major. The most ancient stories of creation are founded on the transit of the ‘pole’ position through this unique area of the sky and the patterns that are produced by ‘joining the dots.’
    The God Secret provides clear and irrefutable evidence of these ancient beliefs and shows how they are the heart of the belief systems that pre-empted the emergence of many of the world religions. The face of God and his name (in Egyptian, Greek and Hebrew) can be found by looking at one part of the night sky and ‘joining the dots.’

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