The State of Now – My Takeaways

Jeff Pulver’s subtitled his 140 Character Conference “The State of Now”. “NOW” describes perfectly the power of twitter.

My main takeaway is – from people like Tim o’Reilly, Ann Curry, Christopher Weingarten, Wyclef – that twitter is a new add-on for the existing systems. It is completing the system. It is giving us new possibilities to communicate in real time, it is empowering the voice of the people and it is empowering brands and organizations as well. Now we have to figure out what this real time thing is good for. Many experiences are going on.

Twitter can certainly

– create a short term hype
– stimulate awareness
– increase sales
– empower direct conversations and relationships

… and and and …

It is based on the same principles like the Internet: trust, transparency, authenticity – except it is much faster and much more flighty. It is on us to make this NOW sustainable and to give it a long term value.

I hope Jeff is not going to “over commercialize” his event by going to London and Los Angeles this fall. The election in Iran and the state of now in this very moment of time made THIS conference something very, very special. And something very special is very hard to repeat! Sometimes less is more.

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