Jay Rosen on journalism

Jay Rosen is a professor for journalism at NYU.

We talked about:

What is your understanding of “WE” and how has it change since the rise of the Internet and in particular social media?

You are teaching “journalism” at NYU. What role plays “digital media” in the curriculum?

You are talking about the “ethic of the link”. What do you mean by it?

What do you make of what’s going on in Iran right now.

Yesterday a CNN guy was here at the conference. The auditorium was still fury against CNN (and of course against the other media as well) for not adequately covering the situation. Was that justified?

Ann Curry was here as well (with an outstanding performance, btw.). She was trying to draw a picture how social media and “traditional” journalism could complement each other. What are your thoughts on that?

When you look on twitter and when you watch the crowd here at the twitter conference it seems to me that that has spurred an entirely deeper level of emotional connection with these events …

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