BBC Backstage – Interview with Ian Forrester

Ian Forrester heads up the BBC’s Backstage, a developer and designer network. His role as head of BBC Backstage includes working with internal and external developers and designers to express their creativity through BBC feeds and APIs. Backstage makes available as much BBC data as possible for any member of the public to republish, remix and mash-up under a non-commercial license.

Moreover, Forrester is well known for geek social events, including London Geekdinners, BarCampLondon, Hackday, Mashed, Edinburgh TV Un-Festival and recently Over the Air. He’s currently master minding plans for something which will raise the profile of development and geeks in the UK, a series of Backstage outreach events and is a founder of the group.

I ran into Ian by coincidence @next09 and I haven’t had my video camera with me. But Frank Hamm was kind enough to help me out and really did a great job on videotaping! Thanks Frank!

To me – since I was working for ARD and ZDF in the early 80ies – BBC has always been THE forerunner for great televison and radio work!

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