Take away from next09

next09 – full house, great organization, nice location. And WiFi!

Thank you for that!
I enjoyed my first next-conference!

One MINUS: Again the overall 2.0 crowd …

If I would have a wish for free, I really would suggest, that the organizers broaden their focus and invite DIFFERENT people from DIFFERENT fields (e.g. like Itay Talgam) – simply to add different point of views to the discussion. We don’t need to hear 2.0 over and over again from the same angle … Color ouside the lines!

I have the feeling that this would be very inspiring. Look at picnic, DLD or Google Zeitgeist …

One thought on “Take away from next09”

  1. Ulrike, thanks. That was actually what I meant when I said Verlasse deine Kreise in January 2009. To actually bring a discussion forward, get new points of view, broaden your mind and meet a bunch of new people, you (sometimes) just have to leave the circle of people you hang around with usually.

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