Travelling on Craigslist

As somebody who embraces 2.0 I do of course travel in craigslist. I’ve done it in Berlin, San Francisco a couple of times and recently in Austin, Texas. I never ever made a bad experience – so far:-)

For those who don’t know craigslist, it is local classifieds and forums for 570 cities in 50 countries worldwide – community moderated, and largely free.
So choose your city and look for sublet /temporary,

Why do I travel on craigslist? The major reasons are:

– I travel on craigslist when I travel for a week or longer
– it is much cheaper and much more conveniant than hotels
– I enjoy free and fast wireless
– I am thankful for the insider advices you get from the landlords
– I want to see how people live

Here is a pict of my room in Austin. Yes there is a tree in the middle of the room. Very exotic:-)


Richard, my landlord showed me “real” Austin places to eat,he introduced me to the liberal and open mind of the city and he gave me rides on his motor scooter and finally – to end up with – great details of the city.

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