SXSW Sketch Notes 2009

A great job by Varick Rosete. Besides the sketches he id doing anyway he was ask by the SXSWteam to do some of the keynote sketches this year! There is a culture besides doing pure business. Awesome!

During each keynote session @SXSW they have “live pinting”. Here is Varick’s work:

Monday’s Keynote Session – James Powderly Interview
“Open source art evangelist and political activist James Powderly talks about his craft and his mission with Virginia Heffernan, who writes “The Medium” column for The New York Times Magazine.”


Tuesday’s Keynote Session – Conversations with Chris Anderson and Guy Kawasaki
“In 2006, Chris Anderson introduced the concept of the Long Tail. His soon-to-be released book will talk about the power of free. Will his theories stand up to the tough questions of Silicon Valley venture capitalist Guy Kawasaki?”


More to see here!

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