In science we seek true facts. In life we seek true love!

The reason while I am in the US this week is our film project “Conversations At The Beginning Of A New Time”. We will have a couple of interviews.

This morning we’ve met Leong Ying in a nice Dim Sum place in Chinatown, NYC (Dim Sum GO Go, 5 East Broadway). Leong is a physicist – now working in the industry. It turned out to be a very interesting meeting. For the first time in my life I’ve heard an explanation of what “GOD” might be or mean to me.

Coming from his “physic world” with the laws of thermodynamics and string theory – from which I have no clue at all – he gave me a very clear picture of what GOD might be …

2 thoughts on “In science we seek true facts. In life we seek true love!”

  1. REPLY:
    Thanks James for your kind supporting word. I am humbled by your desire to “convert” to my “scientific God” In believing you have already performed the logical conversion to this new faith!

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