The Element by Sir Ken Robinson

I am just reading Ken Robinson’s new book “The Element”. Just outstanding!

Here is what Publishers Weekly says about it:

Robinson (Out of Our Minds), renowned in the areas of creativity development, innovation and human resources, tackles the challenge of determining and pursuing work that is aligned with individual talents and passions to achieve well-being and success. The element is what he identifies as the point where the activities individuals enjoy and are naturally good at come together. Offering a wide range of stories about the creative journeys of different people with diverse paths to the element-including Paul McCartney, The Alchemist author Paulo Coelho, and Vidal Sassoon as well as lesser-known examples-he demonstrates a rich vision of human ability and creativity. Covering such topics as the power of creativity, circles of influence, and attitude and aptitude, the author emphasizes the importance of nurturing talent along with developing an understanding of how talent expresses itself differently in every individual. Robinson emphasizes the importance of mentors and reforming and transforming education, making a convincing argument bolstered by solid strategies for honing creativity. Motivating and persuasive, this entertaining and inspiring book will appeal to a wide audience. (Jan.)

Here is a podcast with him about the book.

And here again his brilliant talk @ TED:

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  1. Hi Ulrike: I like your blog (got here with “susan stucky” search, fyi). I will check out Ken Robinson’s book (I’ve seen his TED talk before).

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