2008 – my personal impressions

It was a great year for me. Even though, I have to admit – today, Christmas Day in NYC, I am not in the very best mood. But this is a different story.

2008 – I’ve learnt a lot. I really inhaled the main values of the Internet and the spirit which goes along with it. The result: I’ve got a much better understanding of what “2.0” means to me. So to say I “re-framed my mindset” and by doing so, the picture as a whole became much clearer.

I finally waved the who is who publishing business goodbye and really focused on what I love. While publishing is still a part of it – but in a totally different way – most of my work is really conversation. I became a much better listener during 2008. I love to chat with people, to connect them, I love to network, to experiment and I love to travel.
And by putting all these things together I started a few projects – some of them very promising: we-magazine, DNAdigital, Conversations At The Beginning Of A New Time and together with Domink Wind we stepped further with our conference SCOPE.

All these projects are reflecting my ideas/thoughts of “2.0” – meaning collaboration, global and local responsibility, trust, transparency. collective intelligence and openness. They are bundled in a very precise way and show the wide range of impact the Internet has!

I honestly don’t think “the big crisis” is or will be that huge. For me the crises shows in a very harmful and sometimes painful way the wind of change we are all living in (sound very poetic I know)!


CHANGE – most likely THE buzzword of 2008!
Sorry for that!

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