Grand opening: Ars Electronica Center

The new Ars Electronica Center will be opening its doors on January 2, 2009. Unfortunately I cannot make to Linz for the

Besides their very impressive numbers like 3,000 m2 for exhibitions, 1,000 for R&D, 400 for seminars and conferences, 650 for food and beverage service and catering as well as a 1,000-m2 main deck for open-air events with a great view of the Danube and downtown Linz. the LED façade lighting system of the new AEC’s exterior is a work of art too.

The watchwords are hands on: the new Ars Electronica Center focuses even more intensively on getting visitors actively involved in an artistic-scientific journey of discovery. Bottom line: the Museum of the Future with its lab-like character is like nothing else in the world.

New Views of Humankind, the theme exhibition featuring focal-point laboratories and artistic projects, offers a wide array of approaches to robotics, biotechnology and the neurosciences. What visitors see with crystal clarity is how our ways of looking at the world and its human inhabitants are undergoing profound changes right now.

Other exhibits include a retrospective look at 20 years of media art and design by ART+COM, and an encounter with examples of kinetic art entitled The Poetry of Movement. Funky Pixels is an interactive world of experience for kids age 3 and up. DEEP SPACE invites guests to journey into realms inaccessible by the human eye, to travel into the past, and to embark on an excursion to fantastic destinations. Eight projectors and two 16×9-meter ultra-high-resolution projection surfaces mounted on the walls and in the floor make for an unforgettable trip.

So please go their and enjoy! There is nothing comparable …

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