LeWeb peaked @ Baccarat

The party is over – good bye Paris! LOVE was the topic of this years LeWeb – and indeed love was in the air:-)

The conference was “mezzo mezzo” as the Italians say – it was extremely cold, almost nothing to eat (in comparison to last year minus 100!), an unsteady Wifi and above all a matchless self promoting Loic LeMeur – the last I hate to tell, but to me it was just too much! Nevertheless it was a huge networking event, some extraordinary speakers, I saw old friends, made new ones and yes, most likely, I will be back next year! So thank you for this!

Besides LOVE enjoying food was the second most important thing! Paris – Savoir vivre 🙂 The “food experience” started out in a tiny little place in Montmatre, right around the corner of Sacre Coeur, had a first peak in a very inspiring lunch with Itay Talgam and Dieter Rappold (even though the food wasn’t very good), made us stuffed at FLO and had the GRAND FINAL @ Baccarat, a restaurant designed by Philippe Starck.


Iris Brosch, a friend of mine and a leading international fashion photographer, Ayman Abdel oaur, who became a friend in the last few month, he is running all4syria.org and taking care of the arabic translation of our we-magazine and Dieter Rappold, social media expert and also a friend of mine. I was the only one who knew all of them, the rest met for the very first time. The four of us had a really funny, intimate, lively and above all an honest conversation – it was just an outstanding evening!

Thanks Ayman for inviting all of us, thanks Iris for choosing the place and thanks Dieter for joining us! Hope to see you all in the near future!

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