Sharism – Idea by Isaac Mao

I’ve met Isaac for the first time at Ars Electronica this year. We spoke about his work as a blogger, entrepreneur and VC in China. Here is the interview we did:Since then I am digging deeper in his idea and concept of sharism and the way he builds his work upon it.

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This presentation is of course on a meta level and not really very precise and concrete. But it becomes very precise and concrete when you look at Isaac’s work. With these principles of sharism he already helped to build a huge chinese blogger community including the Chinese Blogger Conference, he provides access to knowledge (e.g. or Social Brain Foundation), he supports art projects like “1kg more” which won the Golden Nica in Linz this year in the category digital communities. His goal: to spread knowledge, to provide education and to foster individual thinking among the young people in China.

His work is for me one of the best examples how the Internet is an Internet for the Good, how ideas can be spread very efficiently and how a quiet but tremendous revolution takes place.

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