“Do you think we’re done yet?

No, this is just beginning,” said Tim o’Reilly answering the question if the Internet is going away or going to die. What we see now is that the Internet has become THE platform for computing. The underlying force of the idea — that the Internet is becoming even more deeply embedded in every corner of our lives — is impossible to dispute.

The last three days at web20summit proofed this in every single talk, statement and discussion. “Web Meets World” was the overall topic – meaning that the Web starts to transform industries.

If you showed up expecting a lineup of companies trying to be the next facebook, you’d quickly realized you’d come to the wrong place (although facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg was on the dance card). The more inspiring speakers include Shai Agassi, founder and chief executive of better place (I posted before), an Israeli company creating an open network to build a personal transportation system that eliminates dependence on oil. And then there was 23andMe, a genetic testing company that encourages people to share information about their genomes and health in hopes it will speed up drug development and enable personalized medicines, Michael Pollan, a contributing writer to the New York Times Magazine and Knight Professor of Journalism at UC Berkeley, with his very precise and outstanding ideas to transform the food industry, a panel about politics with Arianna Huffington, (The Huffington Post), Gavin Newsom (the current Major of San Francisco) and Joe Trippi which pointed very precise examples of how politics will change and finally Isaac Mao who shared his ideas of sharism.

This really outstanding conference peaked in the appearance of Al Gore. The audience embraced him with standing ovations. His start was very humbling, he was unable to speak simply connected sentences, he was sweating like cray and I – like others – were afraid he would end up in a heart attack – but then he caught up and performed like a Nobel Laureate. He really understood the Internet and I guess he is one of the TRUE BELIEVERS we need to remain the internet for the good!

In the next couple of days I hopefully will be able to post some of my take-aways – going beyond the interviews and videos I’ve already posted.

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