Web 2.0 expo in Berlin

“You never get a second chance to make your first impressions” says an english saw. My impressions of last years Web 2.0 Expo in Berlin were kind of “stumbling”: The venue was as unpersonal as it could be, the program was very American and the whole atmosphere was “cold”. But it seems the organizers have learned … This years venue is much more convenient, the program is much more “european” and the Berlin scene seems to be part of the whole thing! (see also the interview with Jennifer Pahlka a few weeks ago)

Together with Domink Wind (lernen2null, Berlin) und Bjoern Bauer, (CoreMedia AG Hamburg) we will produce a 30 minute daily live show from the event. Tuesday and Wednesday at 7 pm (MEZ), Thursday at 5 pm.

So please join us!

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