Simply the Best: Maestro was here …

… @picnic. His name Itay Talgam. Talgam is an internationally renowned conductor and founder of the Maestro program. Maestro session offers a unique learning experience that explores the magical relationship between conductor, musician and audience to achieve inspiring new insights into leadership, management, and teamwork. His performance was just incredible – nothing to compare with on this first conference day! And it’s really a very, very exciting conference!

Here is a short introduction:

He asked us: If you were a conductor of an orchestra, what sort of conductor would you be? He showed us 5 well known conductors and explained their way of leadership: Riccardo Muti, Richard Strauss, Herbert Karajan, Erich Kleiber and “Lenny” Bernstein.

Riccardo Muti – the tough guy! It’s clear what he wants and where he’s going. No failures, no space to explore – pure fulfillment for the orchestra!

Richard Strauss – he looked a kind of bored. His message to the orchestra: Your job is to just play the damned piece, not to add any interpretation!

Herbert Karajan – “Have you ever led an expedition with your eyes closed?” Talgram wonders! Karajan does – and it works!

Erich Kleiber and “Lenny” Bernstein were his real heros. His last video was a long passage in which Bernstein conducts without moving his arms. Even though every player in the orchestra is following him closely. There is no doubt that his control comes entirely from his expression, an occasional nod, a slight movement of the eyes or the mouth. It’s very extravagant…

Talgam gave us a extraordinary and subtle lesson in leadership.

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