“Data systems tell stories about our lives” …

… says Aaron Koblin, one of the most-discussed and thought-provoking contemporary artists, focusing on the creation and visualisation of human systems. His work ranges from the latest Radiohead music video to data visualisations of flight patterns.

He gave us various examples of his work: the Flight Patterns, the New York Talk Exchange (check it out: shows which cities are communicating with New York over 24 hours; the Sheep Market project, 10’000 sheep drawn by random strangers using Amazon’s task-distribution mechanims Mechanical Turk. Ten Thousand Cent – another project – asked people to participate in making a drawing without knowledge of the overall project (it was a reproduction of a 100 dollars bill, but everybody only got to reproduce a tiny bit, a “cent”).

To give you an idea how his work looks like here is a video snippet including some more examples:

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