Web 2.0 expo NYC – Afterthoughts

Yesterday the doors of the first web 2.0 expo in New York closed. Was it a good conference? A good show? I guess for the organizer it was. They already announced that they will be back in fall 2009. It was crowded, the expo was sold out … and some exhibitors told me they were overwhelmed by the response they’ve received.

For me as an attendee, I have “mixed emotions”. Here are a few points I want to share with you and tell you why I feel like this:

  • knowing the San Francisco event, the quality of the keynotes was less here in New York
  • too many “duplicates”, people who’ve spoken in SFO performed in NY as well
  • nothing really new, no cutting edge stuff!
  • web 2.0 open wasn’t appreciated

What I really liked about it

  • was the different audience
  • the audience here in New York is much more business oriented than the SFO crowd, they really search for: what is in it for me? They want to know the real benefits!
  • it was a kind of wake up call for the city: if the web takes New York, it will take some important industries and this will push the economy
  • if have seen some good friends and made new ones:-)

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