DNAdigital – Interview with Don Tapscott

Don Tapscott just finished his new book “Grown-up digital” – a survey in 10 countries about how this digital generation will change the world. He revealed how the digital world created a generation that thought, played, and related to their world in a way radically different from that of their parents. Grown Up Digital revisits the Net Generation as the eldest of its members turns 30, enters the workforce and marketplace, and establishes their roles as life-long learners and contributors to society. Based on a $4 million research project he led, Tapscott investigates how this dynamic generation is redefining today’s workplace, marketplace, schools, family, and governments by looking at how they learn and work, and what power and influence they hold.

Tapscott will participate virtually at our DNAdigital project on November, 3, 2008 n Berlin.

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