Livestreams from Ars Electronica

Tomorrow we are leaving for Linz to visit Ars Electronica.


This years topic is …

“Under the banner of “A NEW CULTURAL ECONOMY – The Limits of Intellectual Property” the 2008 Ars Electronica Festival aims to co-author the preamble to a new knowledge-based society. What’s at stake: the interplay of freedom of information and copyright protection, big profit-making opportunities and the vision of an open knowledge-based society. And this is also a matter of practical, workable regulations governing this new reality, rules whose formulation ought not to be left up to lawyers and MBAs alone.”

Starting at Sept. 4 at 6.00 pm local time we will provide a daily live stream with interviews, impressions and pictures of the day. Our last live cast will be on Sept, 9. Within the live stream a chat will be included, so you can respond to us directly (we are using netviewer present, a pretty cool tool which we have used for the David Weinberger session as well).

Follow this link, it will lead you to our stream!

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