Behaviour Change – Community Theatre

REPACT: Collins Dennis Oduor from Kenya just presented Repact = Rapid Effective Participatory Action in Community Theatre Education and Development.


In a few words this is what they are doing:

They are using the medium theatre to tell stories about using condoms, HIV, health, any kind of social and political issues and problems. They go to prisons, visit tiny little villages, go to the slums and tell their stories. This way they easily invite the audience to perform with them and spread their word. When people are getting involved, they understand and truely participate …

This is when education becomes efficient and fruitful …

This is how Collins start edhis talk:

6 year old girl in Kenya
sitting in the yard
climbing up a tree
her mother comes by
telling her, if she is climbing the tree, people can see her underwear!

next day
the young girl is sitting again in the yard
she definitely wants to climb up this tree
and she did!
without her underwear!

And after a while Collins added: “communication”

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