On my way to Budapest …

… for the Global Voices Citizen Media Summit 2008.


I’ve had the choice between reboot and globalvoicesonline.org. The reason I decided to go to Budapest instead of joining reboot is simply the fact, that at reboot everybody else is. I can easily follow reboot on twitter or on some friend’s blogs.

At the Global Voices Citizen Media Summit I hope to meet new people, people from all over the world: A community of more than 100 bloggers from Asia, Africa, South America, the Caribbean, Eastern Europe, and Central Asia. Together, they translate and report on what bloggers are saying across the world for a global audience.

At times of natural disasters, elections, or major emergencies, Global Voices publishes the stories, pictures, and videos of ordinary local citizens in their own words.

It’s not about business. It’s about life!
And it’s important.
It’s important for the web culture.
And it’s important for our society as a whole!

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