Interview with Howard Rheingold

Yesterday I spoke to Howard Rheingold for the second time within the last couple of weeks. By coincidence we ran into each other at in April.

The interview was fun. I twittered 30 minutes before the start and asked for questions. Here they are:

  • Beam yourself ten years ahead of now. What will the “Electric Minds Archive” say about todays online world taht we will find most amusing in the year 2018?
  • Virtual reality has been a long time topic for you. Where are we going today with second live etc. …
  • You are using seesmic in your classes. Why? What are the results?
  • What makes the web 2.0?
  • Collaboration. participation transparency …. all the important words in web 2.0 and enterprise 2.0. Obviously something has changed in collective action theory because we’re creating things like Wikipedia, LINUX …. Do we still need companies …?
  • Think of the future of Journalism! How will the young digitial natives of today shape the future publics the media will have to communicate with? Nowadays the media still has to cope with a (pre-) 1.0 audience…
  • Online-Identity-Fragments are scattered all over the “Web Wide World”! How can Smartmobs help us avoid some sort of “Online-Alzheimers-desease”?

The interview was done by SKYPE, partially there were some bandwith problems. Here are Howard’s answers:

Thanks for your time, Howard!

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