Livecast with David Weinberger

It seems that our livecast with David Weinberger was a success. I just received the numbers from Steffen:

“… here are some great numbers: When the number of people who watched our webcast peaked, we had 400 people in the live audience!!! That’s when the software default of max. participants kicked in. So who knows how far we could have gone! In total we had 564 viewers during the 60+ minutes we were live. I would say that is a huge success! So to all of us: VERY WELL DONE! “WE” rocked them!”

The recording you will find here.
Thanks to all who participated!

One thought on “Livecast with David Weinberger”

  1. Thanks alot for this amazing event! It was a pleasure viewing and listening to David Weinberger (and you others as well) in the stream while chatting:-)

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