Interview with Chris Crawford

Chris Crawford is an Icon in the gaming industry. It is said, that in his living room the idea of the game developer conference which now draws over 10,000 attendees each year, was born. While the GDC has become a prominent event in the gaming industry, Crawford was eventually ousted from the GDC board.

He is well known for great games in the 80 ies like Balance of the Planet and Balance of Power and he created the term: people games:

“I dreamed of the day when computer games would be a viable medium of artistic expression — an art form. I dreamed of computer games expressing the full breadth of human experience and emotion. I dreamed of computer games that were tragedies, games about duty and honor, self-sacrifice and patriotism. I dreamed of satirical games and political games; games about the passionate love between a boy and girl, and the serene and mature love of a husband and wife of decades; games about a boy becoming a man, and a man realizing that he is no longer young. I dreamed of games about a man facing truth on a dusty main street at high noon, and a boy and his dog, and a prostitute with a heart of gold.” (Wikipedia)

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