If you want to change the future, play with it first.

I am at the Games for Change Festival in New York. I blogged about it before. The event is not the “hidden star” I was hoping it will be, but it demonstrates clearly the potential of games.

The game I liked the most was “World without Oil”.


No one today has a clear picture of oil availability or what will happen when demand inevitably outstrips supply. That will largely depend on how well people prepare, cooperate, and collectively create solutions, and before WORLD WITHOUT OIL (WWO), no one had ever thought to ask them what they might do.

By playing it out ‘for real’, WWO evoked collective intelligence and the wisdom of crowds in advance. Players worked together to gain grassroots insights into the forces that will rule at street level in a crisis. Their solutions – acts that mold communities, slash wasteful consumption and create more “elastic” lives – stand as vibrant antidotes to official paralysis.

You can watch quite some videos on their youtube video channel.

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