What makes a good conference?

Of course a good conference gives you benefits. Besides “sales” what are the relevant benefits? Networking, meeting new people, exchange ideas, inspiration, talk to interesting people, get things done …

Recently I preferred smaller events like the DIY Video Summit or Berkman@10 than the big ones like web 2.0 expo, GDC or others. Why? Because I’ve found these benefits there: Great participants, great panelists, great ambience and interaction which all ends up in a much deeper and more fruitful conversation with all of them. That’s what I like.

So whenever you find a “hidden star” in the event circus – please let me know. My interests are easily described as: The impact of the internet on economics, society and education!

Looking forward to the next conference, which is – of course – a smaller one: Games for social change! :-))

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