Meeting with David Weinberger

Yesterday I talked to David Weinberger (video will follow soon). He told me on Friday that the house is a mess – and it was:-) A creative, chaotic mess! It reminded me of “Villa Kunterbunt” and Pippi Langstrumpf! The best place to sit was outside on the porch …

We spoke about various things and of course the election and Obama were among them. Here is the very first video snippet: David imagining Obama becomes president …

As you can see it was fun!

For me David Weinberger is one of the most competent and humorous people in the internet circus. Since the Cluetrain Manifesto I have been following his thoughts. In his newest book “Everything is Miscellaneous” (which has just been published in German as well) he explains brilliantly how companies can take advantage from the new digital disorder! A MUST read!

Thanks again David for your time!

2 thoughts on “Meeting with David Weinberger”

  1. REPLY:
    Anna, the US intelligentia doesn’t always vote for losers. Just usually 🙁

    It does look likely, however, that the Republicans will paint Obama as an “elitist” — as absurd as painting Kerry as a coward — which may be a code word for other, uglier accusations. But, I’m hoping that Obama’s awesome ability to connect with people of all sorts will protect him from that charge.

    I remain optimistic.

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