Interview with Ethan Zuckerman

I was so happy to get the chance to talk to Ethan while I am in Boston. The work he does on diverse projects regarding digital democracy is so profound and important, that it can’t be mentioned enough all over the world. That’s why Ethan is a “MUST” for our new WE-magazine!

There isglobal voices online which he describes as follows: “a group of bloggers from around the world who are bridging cultural and linguistic differences through their weblogs. It’s a little bit of a multinational news service, a little bit of an international movement of webloggers, and a whole lot of fun.”

The Global Attention Gap – the tendency of major media outlets to report more thoroughly on rich nations than on poor ones. More information about it you will find here.

And then there is this class Digital Democracy at Harvard Law School. The class will attempt to address the question “What happens to goverment in a digital age?” from a number of perspectives. Ethan plans to focus his teaching on the potentials and pitfals of eGovernment in developing nations and on “semantic democracy” – the ability of various different people to have their stories told in a digital age.

At the bottom the interview is also attached as a podcast!

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