What a start in Boston!

Yesterday I arrived in Boston. In the late afternoon I was sitting in the Starbucks Coffee Shop at Harvard Square trying to find a hotel. I didn’t book one from back home – nothing available – each online hotel search answered. I didn’t think about it and was pretty sure to find a place to stay when I am there. But it turned out to be hard, very hard, actually it turned out to be impossible!

I was sitting at Starbucks with my suitcase for almost 1,5 h and couldn’t find a room … I made phone call after phone call – always the same result: Sorry, there are no rooms available!

But I kept calm … seeing myself sleeping under some blooming trees on Harvard campus 🙂 What an outlook!

Then a woman came in with her baby and sat down right next to me. So I asked her if she might know something … Nothing!
At least she gave me the reason why everything was fully booked: Commencement weekend! Nationwide the graduates are celebrating with their families … So let’s see what Harvard has to offer over the weekend!

While I was talking to her another woman joined our conversation. She is here from the Victorian and Albert Museum (VAM) in London doing research on POP songs of the 17 Century! She said they had also tremendous problems finding a hotel. That’s why they rented a whole house for her! And she offered me – not knowing me at all – to share the place with while she is here! It is within walking distance from Harvard, I have a beautiful room underneath the ceiling and enjoy free wireless!

And we had a great evening last night …

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