Another sunny morning in the Neckar Valley …

… before I take the dogs for a long walk today I will do some “homework”. Last week I spent most of my time in Hamburg at the


The topic was “Identity Management” – a perfect fit in my eyes, because this is one of the most relevant topics in the web 2.0 duscussions right now. The keynotes – besides Richard Florida (author of “The Rise of the Creative Class”) – were held by the “Trendbuero guys” Prof. Nobert Bolz (interview with him is here, it is in german!), Prof. Peter Wippermann and David Bosshart. I’ve missed Florida and Bossart (which I heard wasn’t very exciting) because of my interview with Norbert Bolz.

Norbert Bolz’s speech was theory – of course. He developed a scheme of identity management in which the single human being is in the role of defining itself as a brand and acting under the rules of impression management in order to achieve awareness. Selffulfilling (Maslow) is teherfore no longer the top personal goal but “Selbsttranszendierung” (I really don’t know the english equivalent). He described “Selbsttranszendierung” as the unity of body, spirit (mind, intellect) and soul. The “Selbsttranszendierung” of the body can be seen in the cosmetic industry, aesthetic surgery, bodybuilding and so on … The “Selbsttranszendierung” of the spirit can be displayed by the phenomenon of a workaholic and the “Selbsttranszendierung” of the soul is expressed in the divers relaunches of religion.

Wippermann’s key sentence was: “You cannot but identity – identity evolves!” Addressing companies – this becomes very critical. Companies often try to push “identity” with traditional marketing tools and then wonder that the effort fails.

What I liked most in his talk was the fact that he no longer described Maslow in a pyramid but in a circle. For me this seems to be the much better picture …

The Trendtag afternoon became more lively and more international … ( I will write about this later …).

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