Might be a smart step by YAHOO

Yahoo’s CTO Aristotle “Ari” Balogh announced a kind of smart step today at web 2.0 expo: They will open up their search engines APIs …

Yahoo Inc. is swinging the doors of its Web platforms wide open to let outside developers create applications across its network of sites, as well as radically stitching together its online services under the social profile concept.

The idea is to let the hundreds of millions of people who use its Web mail, instant messaging, calendar, photo management and other online services replicate the social experience that social networks like MySpace and Facebook have made so popular.

And regarding the open search angle: Yahoo is letting a limited number of beta testers into its Search Monkey developer platform, a service announced in February that allows site owners to customize their Yahoo search result listings. (Although it does not allow them to change the ranking of results—which would be really radical).

In this field at least one step further than Google!

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