Interview with Prof. Peter Kruse

In our SCOPE interview series Lutz Berger and I had the opportunity to talk to Prof. Peter Kruse, nextpractice, in Bremen. Peter Kruse worked for over 15 years at several German universities in the field of brain research. His main topics have been the processing of complexity and the autonomous order formation in intelligent networks.

The main emphasis of his practical work as a business consultant is the application of self-organisation concepts to change processes. Peter Kruse works for various companies and institutions, e.g. in retail, financial services, media, industry and politics. Many of the top 100 German companies are among his clients.

Our interview topic was: learning and working in times of constant change. The interview is in german!

One thought on “Interview with Prof. Peter Kruse”

  1. Dear Ulrike, dear Lutz,

    Just enjoyed your interview with Prof. Dr. Kruse in full length. Thanks so much for making his inspiring thoughts accessible. It was a great pleasure.

    I already curious regarding your next video interviews.

    All the best,


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