Impressions: FastForward Conference

The Conference started last night (it is already Monday:-) lining up with a lot Enterprise 2.0 has to offer: Andrew McAfee and Don Tapscott. More ‘gurus” – including one of my heroes David Weinberger – will follow tomorrow morning.

The conference hall was packed, I guess about 1000 people and WIFI wasn’t working! I always wonder why tech conference organizers are having such a bad time providing free and functional WIFI! Anyhow. I don’t like this “hotel conference ambiente” very much.

It is the first time I saw McAfee talking. Obviously he started where he stopped his last year’s speech at fastforward. He said that the enterprise 2.0 conversation has progressed from what to how. He has yet to see a firm that could not do enterprise 2.0 but certain factors need to be in place for success. He pointed out some “hows” and went on to talk about company culture, a key in enterprise 2.0 and left with the promise to post it on his blog to start a discussion. He was followed by Don Tapscott discussing the new enterprise. After presenting the 4 revolutions (technical, demographic, social and economic) companies are facing he explained different business models (e.g. open plattforms, global plant floor, prosumers, ideagoras) which should help them to survive in the “business hurricane”. Tapscott concluded: A paradigm shift is happening with various outcome …

Read and watch more about it in the fastforwardblog.

All in all I’ve missed the intimate atmosphere of the DIY Video Summit last week where everybody was so passionate and affectionate. Here it is more repertoire …

Maybe passion will come back with David tomorrow.

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