The Beauty of Code

bernhard-summerstage2I just had a long SKYPE call with Bernard Angerer, an Austrian, who got stuck at the East Coast. It’s a shame he never made it to the West Coast:-)) A friend of ours, Egon Zippel, introduced us.

Bernard explained to me semantic programming, data grids – all stuff I don’t have a clue about. But as we transfered it into semantic business solutions – it rang a bell! How neat would it be for a company to act immediately on accessed data from across many domains, divers infrastructures and service clients – and by the same time reduce company risk! Imagine a search engine which allows multi layered questions!

The more I understood the more I felt this has nothing to do with the replacement of web 2.0 (based on o’Reilly’s interpretation) – like some people articulate. This is a totally different story.

We were talking about open source models, the concept of creative commons, investors, venture capitals and narrow minded Wallstreet-driven financiers and lawyers who only believe in secrets and patents …

A very interesting conversation which hopefully will be continued.

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