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f46ba7a44b7617ee7db1b12747c922Today the second Berlinale Keynotes took place. It was a promising program. I left right after the pause – I wanted to go home after all these travels. But what I’ve seen was convincing.

Only Don Tapscott was a kind of disappointing. His speech was so similiar to his performance at the web 2.0 expo in November 2007 that I really felt like he has missed the crucial point: What will happen to the film industry ???? Only a few non-convincing charts, no new ideas – just the usual stuff: youtube, some open source software like the video software miro … No hints regarding new markets, astonishing new projects … only the “non spectacular” ideas like: let the viewers participate, let them produce, rate, remix … May be my expectations were to high and I am just totally spoiled from the 24/7 video summit!!

He even told the same jokes in exactly the same way!

Somebody quoted him: “Don Tapscott = Yochai Benkler for the poor”. (More details regarding the promised interview will follow).

He was followed by Matt Hanson, GB and Ton Roosendaal, NL.

Matt Hanson, director, producer and founder of the Visual Intelligence Agency, has set himself an ambitious goal, namely the production of the feature film “A Swarm of Angels” using the Open Movie principle. The budget of 1.5 million Euro will be helped along by roughly 50,000 community members who will in turn have a say in all project phases of the film. When complete, the film will be broadcast on the Internet – for free of course. Right now they are at phase 3: private beta. You can register here.

Ton Roosendaal is the head of the Dutch foundation “Blender” and chief developer of Blender, the free 3D graphic software. “Elephant Dream” is the first short film to have been created using the free software and the input of developers worldwide. Roosendaal subsequently started the Open Movie project “Peach” and is now also working on a parallel project entitled “Apricot,” which is set to be the first Open Game ever. Both are based entirely on free software, open formats and community participation.

Both of them were very convincing and they’ve really showed some of the fisr 2.0 filmproductions, including a business model!
That was great!

More to come within the next days … I am on jetlag and just toooooooo tired to go on … and be more specific about these two guys.

2 thoughts on “Berlinale Keynotes”

  1. Hi Ulrike,

    I already heard at the Web 2.0 Expo that people were disapointed of his speach because it was like a replay.
    -no new topics – no new ideas – same jokes-

    I was very impressed of his speach in Berlin – it was my first time.

    Best regards

  2. REPLY:
    I really do think that Don’s performance was good for the purpose of the event. Most of the participants weren’t 2.0 geeks … I think for this kind of audience it was enlightened. It sure always depends on your own expectations and views.

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