Crash Landing in Germany …

It’s always hard to leave California. It is so inspiring, people are friendly and uncomplicated, you meet, talk and everybody is having fun … peer-to-peer = same level, face to face conversations, it is just so easy.

Back in Germany: VIP by title, VIP by dress, VIP by job, VIP by money, VIP by missing physical body height … you name it!
Welcome back! Welcome at Berlinale Keynotes!

The first weak or actually strong signals already reached me at the New York airport. It was almost midnight (MEZ) when my cellphone rang. Berlin was calling … making big bubbles, blowing hot air – no reason! Self-styled nannies taking care of something they don’t need to take care of. Bumbledom! Kept on going when I arrived in the morning … It is a story for the personal diary.

No WIKINOMICS here, no transparency, no participation – only hierarchy. Very last century! A few Youngsters are out here, but they are not yet “qualified” to participate. The big question: When will they be qualified? After the first huge success?

It sounds bad, but that is how it feels.

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