The Revolution will be Televised

I am just attending a screening at the DIY Video Summit: YouTube-sized: Youth Personas, Protests, Paranoias and Pleasures

The Revolution will be Televised
YouthLAB’s spoken word video about the meaning of revolution, social change and the role that new networks and participatory media play as they “dream of a brighter day!”

Feedback Loop
YouTubers make viral videos about viral videos.

TV is Soooo 20TH Century What we as youth watch online and why. From “Ask a Ninja” to sleeping puppies to political mashups — teens curate and analyze their own online video pleasures.

Cell Phone Cinema From counter-surveillance to angry teachers, youth make the most of mobile media devices by capturing media moments and making them public through YouTube.

Face Off: Me and My Persona A montage of short videos and vlogs in which youth either construct or imitate various online personas . This disarming and intimate selection reveals how we as youth attempt to make sense of gender, race, class and other identities through pretense or parody.

Curated by youthlab.

2 thoughts on “The Revolution will be Televised”

  1. REPLY:
    More to come … ich habe noch ein irres Teil im Gepaeck: “who we be” – muss ich aber noch ein bisschen bearbeiten!

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