A very progressive understanding of “DIY Media” …

par_soundararajan_01 Thenmozhi Soundararajan is a filmmaker, singer and grassroots media organizer. As a second generation Tamil Untouchable Dalit woman, she strives to connect grassroots organizers with media resources that can widen their base of resistance. In that context she has worked with over 500 community organizations across the United States. Thenmozhi was featured in 2003 in both Utne Magazine as one of 30 visionaries under 30 and in Source Magazine as one of the top ten political forces in hip hop.

Further, she was in residence at the MIT Center for Reflective Community Practice writing about her experiences with community based digital storytelling from 2001-2003. She was also a 2001-2002 Eureka foundation fellow. Finally she has been awarded the 2004 Jewel Ryan-White Award for Cultural Diversity from the Alliance for Community Media for TWMA´s work in Media Justice. She is currently the Executive Director of Third World Majority a young women of color organization dedicated to media justice. She is also full time student in the Film Director’s Program at University of Southern California.

I am live blogging, can’t go deeper in right now … follow the links on her homepage! Great stuff!

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