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flame_interactCompany: exozet
Headquarter: Berlin
CEO: Frank Alexander Zahn
Founded: 1995
Employees: 60
Units: Games, Effects, Interact
Offices: Berlin, Potsdam, Wien, Zagreb

For quite a while I am following the IP-TV activities of the Berlin based company exozet.I really like the conceptual skills (I am unable to evaluate the technical details) behind their IP-TV platform TVNEXT: “really” real time interactions, community features, precise business model, device independent (cell phones set top-box, computer, TV), surface tags (link is in German), scalable, CMS … The business model is based upon a licence fee and there are various forms of re-financing e.g. by advertising and pay-per-view. So this is actual a very handy model for broadcasters as well as for brands within a affordable budget – in comparison to traditional costs of broadcasting)!

And: There are already some system out there running!!!!

e.g. Surface tagging


video-on-demand service for ZDF-Mediathek


N24 – broadcaster


A few days ago I was able to interview Frank Zahn, CEO of exozet:IP-TV – what device(s) do we need?frankActually no devices are necessary. In case of web-tv all you need is a computer, broadband connections and a flash plug in. There`s no software installation required. In fact you can transport IPTV to all end devices.There are many “different” IP-TV models out there. What do they differ? What do they have in common?frankMost of them differ in their status of interactivity. Some of the IPTV models don`t offer any interactive feature at all, whereas others offer opportunities such as ratings, votings or comments. Another difference exists between video on demand solutions and 24/7 broadcasts. Some also use IPTV as a part of their corporate communication and other models are used for branded entertainment or for special-interest-groups. What they actually have in common is the fact that they are all addressed at digital affine target groups. In a b-t-b environment, how can IP-TV be integrated?frankThat depends on your business strategy. IPTV offers great opportunities for firms that want to attract the attention of their target group in a more individual and emotional way. There are great chances for media enterprises to recycle the content they already own, for firms offering content to special-interest-groups, using IPTV within corporate communications and for the trade business IPTV offers the chance to build up new shopping experiences.

In the near future there will be various new advertising opportunities for video-content. One new form is our new development of integrated advertising, called Surface Tags. With Surface Tags every object in a film can become a shopping-link.
Is IP-TV only a solution for “the long tail” or also serving a broader audience?frankIn the near future, maybe in the next four years, IPTV will dominate the market. There will be a lot more broadcaster (cable, satellite. TV-stations) will switch over to IPTV. By spreading the technic you will reach a broader audience.An IP-TV channel is a brand. How can one establish a brand in this highly segmented market?frankThe strategies to establish an IPTV brand are similar to other narrow casting media types, such as blogs. You have to expand your brand value out of your niche. That is to get an idea who you are: An IPTV channel is a special interest product focused on a bunch of individuals instead of a marketing defined target group. If you are aware of these conditions, it will be very easy to create an unique IPTV brand. You have to be more pointedly and unambiguous than any mainstream media could be.

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