Baidu ahead of Microsoft in Search

A couple of days ago I blogged about the Chinese search engine baidu and the b-t-b platform Today I found at comscore, a global leader in measuring the digital world, a ranking, in which baidu is ahead of Microsoft on search.


TechCrunch comments on this list as follows:

“The big surprise, though, is the strength of local search engines in countries that don’t use the Roman alphabet. No. 3 on the list is not Microsoft, but Chinese search engine Baidu (with 5 percent share, versus Microsoft’s 3 percent). No. 5 is Korea’s NHN Corporation, which operates the Naver portal and search engine. Creeping up on Ask’s No. 8 spot, is Russian search engine Yandex. And Alibaba (which may include Yahoo China) brings up the rear at No. 10.

Shouldn’t the best search technology win no matter what the language? These market share figures suggest that culture and marketing play a big role as well—unless, of course, you are Google.”

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