On my way back home from DLD …

… I somehow lost my cell phone in the train. God knows how this had happened. When I found out I asked the lady right next to me to call my number. The phone was ringing, ringing and ringing and finally the conductor picked up the phone … he brought it back to me. Ufff!

In the meantime a friend of mine from Berlin had called. When I talked to him later, he had notes about the founder, his cell number and his name … As I got off in Heidelberg my phone was ringing. Another friend called to ask me if I found my phone, because he had sent a driver to the rail station to pick up the phone … so what turned out was, that the conductor has called the latest number I’ve dialed and got advices from this person where I live and what to do with the phone in Heidelberg.

Thanks to both of you, Axel and Winfried!

One thought on “On my way back home from DLD …”

  1. …why all my phones just disappeared, like diminishing in a black hole? phone #1 lost in train. phone #2 lost in deep water. phone #3 will get a fresh chance to survive more than one year. 🙂

    i think my phone-lose-history-record should keep me away from buying an iphone right?

    german: ulrike, na mal gut dass der akku voll war sag ich da nur. wäre auch extrem schade um die flache flunder gewesen. aber mal beruhigend zu hören, dass es nicht immer nur mir so geht mit diesen tech-gadgets.

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