DLD – twelfth: “Unfolding the World!”

According to wikipedia, Linda Stone is a writer and consultant who coined the phrase “continuous partial attention” in 1998. Stone was at Apple Computer from 1986 to 1993, working on multimedia hardware, software and publishing. In her last year at Apple, Stone worked for CEO John Sculley on special projects. In 1993, Stone joined Microsoft Research. She co-founded and directed the Virtual Worlds Group/Social Computing Group, researching online social life and virtual communities. During this time, she also taught as adjunct faculty in New York University’s Interactive Telecommunications Program.

She is well known in the industry and she is a very friendly, open minded person! I really enjoyed talking to her. Our topic was “Learning”. I got the impression, what she does, she does well! She came back after our short interview and told me, she wanted to add something to what she had said in the interview. Here we go:

“The real power of corporate learning can only unfold, if employees work in an environment of confidence and trust! Meaning mistakes must be allowed and are necessary!”

Link: sevenload.com

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