DLD – ninth: Morton Lund

His guidelines for investments:

no plan | no strategy | no bussiness plan | no assholes

In his DLD portrait he has been describes as a professor at Reikavik University and frequent, if somewhat disruptive, speaker at international conferences.

Uncombed, unshaved and bleary-eyed he was sitting among the analyst and strategist of some big VC companies and turning their principles upside down. The only thing he does is following his noise and passion!

With over 80 investments in his young career and by only investing his own money he has been doing very well! This guy from Denmark owns shares all over the world. He was the first investor in SKYPE and made a lot of money when it was sold. His latest investment was just this week and surprisingly in was in the print sector old media! He bought 51 % of the danish Nyhedsavisen, a free newspaper. He said: “This is an exciting opportunity. Media across the world is undergoing a revolution and Nyhedsavisen is part of that. People said a free sheet in Denmark wouldn’t work, and ours has. Now we have proved that we will take it on to the next phase.”

All the best to him!

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