DLD – fifth: The Best of Day 3

I am just uploading a couple off videos from DLD while I was thinking what was best for me today at DLD?

Let’s start with Shai Agassi, formerly known as the next SAP CEO. The topic:
green transportation. He is the founder and CEO of Better PLC, a new infrastructure creator and operator for the management of country-wide electric vehicle fleets. Better PLC works with governments, car makers, and financial institutes creating a large scale framework for rapid transformation of transport system away from fossil based energy into non-polluting oil free solutions.

He is a very charismatic person and knows exactly how to catch the audience. Besides this he has really something to tell: It was day 1 after the government of Israel and Renault-Nissan announced their collaboration with the Better Place framework – creating the first three way partnership for an oil-independent country. Keep on going!

Agassi was followed by a very lively and vivid panel, moderated by Jochen Wegner, editor in chief focus online: Exploding Media! Besides Marissa Mayer (Google), Wegner was the only boring person on this panel. Clay Shirky, Prof. at the NYU, was speaking about “the power of organizing without organizations” – the theme of his new book titled “Here Comes Everybody” – which examines the ways in which new forms of social media are allowing new kinds of collaborative action. His catching phrase was: Media is not any more a source of information but a site of action! Peter Hirshberg, serveing on the advisory boards of Technorati, was really telling a story. Conversational Marketing seems to be the next big thing for him in the age of internet communication – a huge possibility for brands. And the best of the panel at the very end: Jeff Jarvis. His advise for publishers or “old media”: The community is always already there. The question is how can I help the community to do what they are doing, even better. And the answer is: elegant organisation!

junearungaAnd while Naomi Champell was screaming in her hotel suite (nobody knew why), June Arunga was very refreshing and gave Africa a new face! June was born in Kenya in 1981. She has a law degree from the University of Buckingham and is now in the film industry as founder and president of Open Quest Media LLC.

At DLD the passionate young african lady was speaking about the cell-phone revolution in Kenya. She was telling us that:

  • 90% of the population in Africa don’t have a bank account!
  • 90% of the population in Africa don’t have a street address. The addresses are being describes: Thurd street left, 4 huses on the right hand side, then you see a garden and after the garden it is the house on the opposite side of the street!
  • and how cheap chinese cell phones (without China there won’t be a cell-phone revolution in Africa; Africa is actually the fastest growing cell-phone market in the world) are having an amazing impact at a local level in Kenyan society.

Thanks to the DLD team for integrating Asia, India and Africa in this years DLD … Great and challenging things will come from there …

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