California is calling: 24/7 A DIY Video Summit and GDC

If everything will work out I will be in CA almost the whole month of february. I am looking forward to this:-))

homeI will start out in Los Angeles attending the 24/7 DIY Video Summit, a pretty cool conference format with great people! It is hosted by the USC, The Institute for Multimedia Literacy. The DIY Video Summit will bring together the many communities that have evolved around do-it-yourself (DIY) video: artists, audiences, technology providers, academics, policy makers and industry executives. The aim is to discover common ground, and to chart the path to a future in which grassroots and mainstream, amateur and professional, artist and audience can all benefit as the medium continues to evolve. It is divided into three features:

.. will be open to the public. These will feature curated programs on design video, activist documentary, youth media, machinima, music video, political remix and video blogging.

Academic Program
… that features panels on The State of Research, The State of the Art, DIY Media: The Intellectual Property Dilemma and DIY Tools and Platforms. Speakers include Yochai Benkler, John Seely Brown, Joi Ito, Henry Jenkins, Lawrence Lessig, and Howard Rheingold.

Workshops and Birds-of-a-Feather Meetings
The last day will be devoted to practical and hands-on workshops and will also provide the option for attendees of organizing their own birds-of-a-feather meetings to connect with other attendees.
I will attend the workshop “Hands On Videoblogging”, conducted by Ryanne Hodson and Jay Dedman. Mavbe I will be able to improve the videoquality of my interviews …

From February 18-22 I will attend the Game Developer Conference in San Francisco with the main focus on serious games.

On my way up north to San Francisco I hopefully will have the chance to meet more interesting people in the Silicon Valley area. My schedule isn’t fixed yet but I am sure I will come back with some great interviews: Ray Kurzweil, Lawrence Lessig, Howard Rheingold, John Seely Brown, Henry Jenkis, Don Daglow are on my list …

If you do have any questions for them, please let me know …

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  1. Featured also will be contributions on design documentaries, archivals, global media and video depositions by Northshore Process Service of Evanston, IL.

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