First Birthday …

… of this blog. I feel quite confident. Lot of things happened and inspired me, the blog is a good platform to get a few thoughts out there … in the last couple of weeks, friends joined the blog by commenting, but still many of the feedback arrives per mail. Which actually surprises me.

I will keep om going with this blog … still under the same motto: “Better ways to thinks” – dedicated to Marvin Minsky!

3 thoughts on “First Birthday …”

  1. One year is a long time measured in “internet-time”. For sure a time of digital transformation… btw: is this book already in the shops outta there? (The links on the left ponit to “some work to do…”)

    Have a nice weekend, Helge.

    ps: these sweets from the hotel-room in heidelberg are fantastic!!! just started trying them… I think I will need to order some of them sometime… Great stuff! Also thx for the vid with Hans Rosling, this guy is so to the point. Another huge thank you!

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