At the end, it crashed …

Le Web 3 was actually a great conference! The food was outstanding, the buzz was rigt, the venue was great, speakers and networking superbe! But the end … almost dramatic.

David Weinberger – on of the major reasons I went to Le Web 3 – was there, but he didn’t gave his speech. He went on stage, left … and never showed up again. WITHOUT ANY EXPLANATION!!!! the audience was yelling: ” David, David, David ….”, “Les Lemeures” just ignored!

And I am telling you: David was really upset … I talked to him shortly after the end of the conference.

I honestly wonder: How can such a thing happen????

Attached you will find a video , David talking to Loic, right before Loic announced the end of the conference … without David talking … Sorry I can’t read lips …


4 thoughts on “At the end, it crashed …”

  1. Ulrike, it was good to see you, however briefly.

    And, yes, I was upset. I had been looking forward to having the chance to present, and I was disappointed and quite confused. But it wasn’t Loic’s fault.

    Thanks, Frank, for putting in the link to my post explaining what happened.

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