Le Web 3 …

… conference started this morning, I came a little late and missed Hans Rosling. He must have been as brilliant as always … it’s a shame. But I was on time for Philippe Starck (the video is just uploading it takes a while: WLAN is poor and the video long, 45 min.). Great talk …

The other speeches have been olalal … I think in the afternoon I will walk over to the startup pavillon.

2 thoughts on “Le Web 3 …”

  1. REPLY:
    … I would say.

    3 highlights: Hans Rosling, Philppe Starck and Joichi Ito, tne rest average! Nothing new … no new topics.
    But I have to admit, the atmosphere is great and there a lot of people around …. again: networking is the big thing to do … and besides this: Paris is alwys enjoyable:-))

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