Wow, what a day!

Last friday, Hamburg. Open Space at CoreMedia AG – videotaping like crazy – 5 hours of material … tons of impressions … good vibrations … great corporate culture … even though it is not enterprise 2.0 yet, but the corporate culture is ready – and that is the most important thing! Without the right culture you are going to starve on the long road to 2.0:-))

It was the 4th open space at CoreMedia – the goal – as usual – and as simple as this: to improve the company. The agenda was tough …

  • hello and introduction of the external guests
  • one interviewing another one (1:1)
  • collection and finding of ideas and topics
  • 2 x 1.5h workgroups for each topic
  • presentation of the results (2 minutes each)
  • evaluation and follow-up
  • chill out

… but the atmosphere was relaxing. We were about 120 people, 100 “coremedians” and 20 guests, including board members, customers, journalists, friends, blogger and business partners. It was amazing to see how everybody was interacting with each other, how the “coremedians” were talking, thinking without any barriers – without any hesitation of doing the wrong thing! They were acting and thinking like entrepreneurs!

It was fascinating how easy more than 20 topics came up for discussion: strategy, internal infrastructure, improvement of products, mobile learning, shift from enterprise 1.0 to enterprise 2.0, does CoreMedia knows what its customers want?, social values and many more … and all of them were discussed and evaluated by the whole company at the end of the day. They even had their roadmap how to get things started …

For me it was interesting to talk to many of the people, because so far I only knew the story from Soeren Stamer, CEO of the company. So this day really completed my picture as a whole. They really practice a great corporate culture. With such a spirit web 2.0 tools will unfold their full capacity when used.

Congratulations CoreMedia! Keep on going …

4 thoughts on “Wow, what a day!”

  1. Dear Ulrike,

    Thanks a lot for your motivating feedback. We will do our very best 🙂

    Thanks for attending. It was a great pleasure to talk to you, and I am really curious about the video.

    All the best

  2. Hi Ulrike!

    Thanks for the nice words.
    It was cool to have you there and it was truthfully an amazing experience being interviewed from you. I’m anxious to see the outcome.

    Hope to meet you again some day!


  3. REPLY:
    … Bjoern! It was so easy to get “invoved” … because of you: the “coremedians”.
    I think the outcome of the videos is just spectecular … talk to Henrik and Soeren! By Monday every detail:-) should be available!

    Hope to attend another open space at CoreMedia!

    best, u*

  4. REPLY:
    Soeren it was really my pleasure …

    As I said, keep on going … you have the right people around you! It’s a real Pandora box!

    Thanks again for the opportunity of sharing this experience. The videos will keep and “unfold” the details …

    Let’s keep in touch, u*

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